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About the author —

Charles Hampton was born in Arkansas, but raised in New Orleans, where the
sights, sounds and smells of the old city inspired his desire to write at the young
age of nine. Charles wrote his first story at age 9 about Thor and his mighty
hammer. He is proud of the fact that for a while in his life he had the opportunity
to live a happy version of Huckleberry Finn in rural Arkansas.

Since those days, he has published several million non-fiction words, including
news and sports stories, several hundred trade-magazine articles and numerous
gee-whiz science articles. During his career, he has been musician, sailor,
oil-field roughneck, newspaper reporter, aerospace public relations
representative, and advertising executive. A high-school dropout with a military GED,
he later tested his way into the Pepperdine University MBA program,
skipping the BS degree altogether.

In January 2013, he retired from his position as editor of a successful business
trade magazine in order to write books full time. His books include Daniel Don't
Die! How to Murder a Ghost, Wind Storm and Writing Great Stories, a book for

fiction writers. Hampton's favorite pasttime is walking with Tinkerbelle, his little
Malti-poo puppy.