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I am sculptor, I am clay.
What shall I make of myself today?

—C. B. Hampton    

IF YOU HANG AROUND HERE very long, you’ll notice three things:

First, this is a brand new blog, and we’re just learning how to blog.

Second, this site is 100% dedicated to the topics of writing commercial fiction, including thrillers and science-fiction. Third, it is also dedicated to struggling writers, who have been trying and failing to “make it” in the publishing world.

I intend to keep the site well stocked with useful, ah, make that really useful, information about the art and craft of fiction writing and science fiction.

My writing schedule is from about 6:30 A.M. until one or two o’clock in the afternoon. After that, I plan to spend time learning how to play with and improve this blog.

If you have any useful suggestions, I’d love to hear them. To reach me, email me at cbhampton@mysterymansionbooks.com.

Anyhow, be sure to check back often to see the latest of my skullduggeries. I have a lot of them planned, including publishing some short science-fiction stories by me and possibly by others, as well as some short stories read by my friend Paul, the robo reader, who’s actually pretty good.

Important News!

Writing Great Stories (Meet the Golden Quill of Storytelling) is finally published. Hooray! Go to my site at www.cbhampton.com/

As of  March 2013, I finally achieved my lifelong goal, which was to become a full-time novelist and science-fiction writer. Since then, I have written five new science fiction stories and have a good start on my new novel—the WIND, a science-fiction techno-thriller.

Finally, at long last I have finished and published my book, Writing Great Stories (Meet the Golden Quill of Storytelling), which, in 288 pages contains 30 years of deep, deep research into the art and craft of storytelling. The book is now available as a Kindle book and on Barnes&Noble as a Nook book. It will soon be available in pocketbook format.

Please stay tuned for the latest news about my own work and, now and then, about the work of other writers.

Thanks for dropping by.

Come again soon.

C. B. Hampton


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