C. B. Hampton—

         Author, editor, researcher into the art and craft of storytelling


C. B. Hampton

Based on 30 years of in-depth research into the art and craft of fiction.


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 Meet the Golden Quill of Storytelling!

Want to learn the secrets that turn ordinary writers into bestselling authors? Then this is the book for you. C. B. Hampton spent 25 years researching every aspect of the writer’s art and craft. Look at the contents of this book. No other book contains so much detail and so many examples. Here's a partial list of contents:

  • How to structure your story so that it holds your reader from first to last.

  • How to professionally construct a scene so it causes the reader to bite his/her nails until they reach the next scene.

  • How to choose a generationally “in sync” hero.

  • How to motivate your hero so that he can never quit trying to solve the story problem.

  • How to choose a point of view (POV) for your story  and chapters and stay in it.

  • How to create your story people so they are real, multidimensional characters, not stick figures.

  • Everything you always wanted to know about dialogue; how to use it to characterize, to describe, to give information and backstory, to move the story forward.

  • How, why and when to properly use beats and attribution in dialogue.

  • How to properly use description of people and setting without stopping the forward motion of your story.

  • How to create real suspense to keep your readers on the edge of their seats. This section is unique. You won’t find this anywhere else.

  • How to edit your work, after it has been written.

  • Plus, many many more insights you won’t find in other works.















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A bit of history. . .

Writing Great Stories began years ago as a series of ten articles I wrote at the request of a start-up writing website.

I can't recall  the website's name, now, but  the articles —based on the research I had done to that time—were so popular I received about 600 emails asking me to write a book about the Golden Quill.

Frankly, I was astonished at the hunger for what the writer's called real, useable information. As a result,  I've toyed with the notion off and on over the years, but time and the feeling it wasn't quite ready for bigtime kept me from going forward. 

Finally, I got the material under control enough to stick it out for the world to see.

A lot of writers tell me, "Oh, another writing book, eh? Just what the world needs."

I just grin and say, "Yeah, but you've never seen one like this before. Ever!"

I'm happy and relieved to say Writing Great Stories is now finished and published. Yeah!