Ghost 2


YOUNG PAUL DAVENPORT finds $250,000 while jogging in a desert park and turns it over to the police. That leads to a TV interview, which leads to an estate lawyer telling him he can inherit $75 million from a previously unknown uncle—but only if he agrees to certain weird conditions: save a beautiful young ghost from her evil ghost husband, and do it in two weeks.

To receive Justin Davenport's money, the attorney says Paul must rescue his uncle's one true love, a beautiful 18-year-old naked ghost from eternal torture by her evil ghost husband. Problem: Paul doesn't believe in ghosts. He thinks Justin was insane.

In a letter to Paul, Justin tells what happened. In the nineteenth century, Fortune Montmartre caught his young wife Helena sleeping with Talon, his son. Enraged, he murdered Helena and tried to murder Talon, but Talon killed him and then hid their bodies. Now the couple haunts the mansion built by Fortune in 1890 and renovated by Justin. After moving in, Justin discovered he could see the ghosts, and, over time, fell in love with the sexy Helena, who had died wearing a very sheer, see-through nightgown. Justin spent twenty-five years trying and failing to save Helena from her husband. He hopes his inheritance will give Paul enough incentive to find a creative way to destroy Fortune and save the girl. The estate will pay Paul well to make the effort. Paul reluctantly agrees.

If you want to learn how Paul, his best friend Yoshi Kawasaki, and Samantha Duet, the beautiful groundskeeper's daughter, solve the impossible task, read and enjoy How to Murder a Ghost by Charles Hampton. It's full of mystery, suspense, romance, and danger.