A Cast of Characters
You'll Never Forget!

To save his brother, Michael St. James conquers his fear of the unknown, battles an evil paranormal terrorist and crosses the boundaries between life and death.

What if you discovered the FBI was following your every move?
Michael St. James doesn't know the FBI is following or why. But when he finds out, he is shocked to learn they think he is something special, the only man in the world who can save the country from an evil, paranormal terrorist.

Infants Michael and Daniel St. James were abandoned on the steps of a Catholic home for boys. A kindly nun who found them thought they were beautiful, sweet little boys… until forks began dancing on the mess table and mashed potatoes splatted in the faces of bullies who attacked the brothers. Their fellow orphans called them freaks. Fearing the little ones were possessed, the nun begged a psychologist-priest to save them.
After years of exorcism, the priest pronounced them normal. On leaving the orphanage, Michael became a novelist; Daniel roamed the country seeking their identities, but when he learns the truth, he is viciously attacked and left for dead.

Michael learns about his brother from Jessica Simms, a beautiful librarian who had befriended Daniel. Determined to save his brother, Michael and Jessica travel to Utopia, Arkansas where Daniel lies in a hospital enshrouded by a strange blue aura that baffles the doctors. In Utopia, an undercover FBI agent contacts Michael and begs for his help, changing all their lives forever. Together, Michael and Jessica set out to solve the mystery.