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A brief
biography. . .

For those who might be interested, here’s a little information about C. B. Hampton. He was raised in rural Arkansas and Louisiana where he experienced Huck Finn’s life first hand (stick, dog, slingshot, lots of woods and bayous). At age nine he wrote his first story (about Thor and his mighty hammer) using crayons on brown paper bags. Since then he has written, received money for and published more than two million non-fiction words, including numerous popular-science articles describing aerospace technology fallout. In so doing, he  have become skillful at making complex topics seem simple. In Brothers of the Light, his first novel, which is currently available in paperback, Kindle and Nook versions,  he applies that skill to reveal the most interesting techniques used in scientific paranormal research.

Writing Experience

C. B. Hampton's writing experience includes several years as news and sports editor for a weekly newspaper in cajun country, three years writng feature stories about technology fallout for Lockheed California Company, and eight years as chief copywriter for his own successful industrial advertising agency. Over the years he has written speeches for corporate executives, technical sales films for such companies as Lear Siegler, Lockheed and others. From 1997 until January 2013, he was editor and principal photo-journalist for CNC West Magazine, a successful trade publication reaching more than 20,000 readers and users of computer numerical controlled manufacturing equipment. In the position, he wrote three to four 1500-word articles every issue. Currently, he is retired from that position and writes fiction full time, though he still has several freelance accounts for whom he ghost writes articles for national trade magazines.

Projects in the Works

Hampton says, "I probably have more writing projects in the works than I have life left to do them." In addition to The Evil Savant, and a proposed sequel Beyond Utopia  he has completed outlines for two thrillers based on in-the-news concepts. He has spent the past 30 years doing in-depth research into the art and craft of storytelling , now contained in Writing Great Stories (Meet the Golden Quill of Storytelling) which, according to published novelists and beginners alike,  contains the best information available in the world to tell writers how to write marketable novels.

Other Experience

C. B. Hampton's non-writing experience includes 5 years as general manager of a high-tech company designing and building automated manufacturing systems using robots and other components. He was a mathematics major at LSU in New Orleans and completed two trimesters in the Pepperdine University Executive MBA program. On the fun side, during his years in a New Orleans high school band, he marched in every major Mardi Gras parade, and had his own working Dixieland jazz band. He attended the U.S. Navy School of Music in Washington D.C. and spent three years as lead trombonist on concert tour with the U. S. Navy band in Japan. He speaks Japanese with fair fluency.

He is married, has four loving children and a little Maltipoo Tinkerbelle, whom he considers his fifth kid. Hampton says, "The hard part about working at home all these years has been the terrible commute. . .from the bedroom to the coffeepot!"

Hampton's favorite passtime is talking writing with other writers.

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Current Projects

My projects include a new political techno-thriller, a book of short stories entitled The Oddlings, which is ready for publication, three other fully outlined  novels.

Two of the new novels are based on high-concept, in-the-news ideas that are not involving passing fads.