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Evil One



C. B. Hampton




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Michael falls in love with Jessica during a strange out-of-body dream. Two days later she meets him in person, and instantly falls in love with him. Neither understands the chemistry that causes the attraction.

Before they can consummate their love, they first have to solve the mystery of his brother, who lies dying, encased in a baffling ultra-violet blue aura in a rural Arkansas hospital. Even worse, they have to defeat an evil, paranormal savant who wants all three of them dead...and has his eye on taking control of the country. The Evil Savant is a blistering page turner from start to finish.

The author says:
The Evil One began to grow in my mind when I read a story in a News Orleans daily newspaper about an illiterate rural couple in Mississippi who discovered that their infant child had taught himself to read.

"How could that be?" I wondered. The child had been a savant of sorts. Still, as time went by the question "How could that be?" continued to haunt me until it finally grew into my novel The Evil Savant. I had a great time writing this book, and I hope my readers will enjoy reading it just as much.












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Genesis of the novel...

As a young man I read an article in the now-defunct New Orleans States-Item Newspaper.

It was about a rural, illiterate Mississippi couple, who discovered their 18-month old son playing with the newspapers they used to wrap fish.

The baby acted oddly, they thought, so they called a doctor. The doctor came and watched the baby. He concluded the infant was reading somehow, which seemed impossible, since the parents couldn't read.

The doctor called a couple of professor friends at the university, and they came to investigate.

Somehow that infant had doped out a method of understanding the paper.

That article germinated in my thoughts for years, until The Evil One was born.